Panipat is a well known destination in the Indian state of Haryana. This town is an important tourist destination mainly because of its strong historical connection and countless monuments. The town of Panipat is a tourist stronghold, and there are many forts and temples that you can visit during your trip to this town.

The Panipat museum is one of the chief attractions in the region, and this museum houses many must see pieces of contemporary art and craft.

While in the town of Panipat, you can also visit the Old Fort, which is an ancient fort that is in ruins now. A part of this fort has been decently maintained, and it attracts history buffs from all across the country. You can also visit the Kabuli Shah Mosque, which is an ancient structure as well, having been built by the emperor Babar of the Mughal dynasty. You can visit the site that houses the grave of Ibrahim Lodhi too, during your trip to Panipat.

A famous pilgrim destination in Panipat is the Devi temple, which is a beautiful site, and an architectural marvel. The tomb of Bu Ali Shah Kalandar is also worth a visit.