Information Technology in General

Information Technology is regarded as the key technology and its playing vital role in overall development of a country. It’s the “brain” and not “brawn” that is the key to sustainable economic growth. While the second industrial revolution was initiated in the labour-intensive manufacturing industry, and it’s very clear that the third revolution is driven by the knowledge-based services sector. IT is being used widely in macro-economic planning and decision making, public administration, education, health-care, manufacturing, finance and banking, transportation, commerce, publishing, energy conservation and environmental management. India has been playing vital role in IT sector through its skilled manpower. Haryana is not lagging behind in this sector. A separate IT wing has been created in Haryana to look after the IT needs of the State, IT Parks and IT Universities have been established to promote the IT Culture in the State.

National Informatics Center is the major player for the spread of IT in the State and Districts. The IT

requirements at the District are being fulfilled by the District Informatics Centres of NIC established in each District.

District Informatics Centre

NIC was setup to spread the IT Culture in all the Government Departments and bring automation. NIC has setup Computer Centres in all the Districts throughout India at the Collectorate level to fulfill the needs of the District Administration and spread Computer Culture in various departments of the District.

The District Centre of NIC at District Collectorate Panipat was setup in the Year 1993. Since than, the District Centre of NIC is supporting the District Administration in various ways, by installing Hardware in different branches, developing software’s and implementing it, Developing and implementing software in other District Offices, providing training on Computer Awareness to staff of DC office & staff of different offices within the District.

The District Centres of NIC have been equipped with the latest technology and the districts are interlinked with each other and districts outside Haryana, Haryana Secretariat, NIC Headquarter and Ministries at Delhi through high speed VSATs and leased lines installed in each District, which helps in sharing information and transmitting the data online & offline to Head Offices at State Capital and ministries at Delhi, which helps the Policy maker in monitoring the various schemes and to keep up to date information.

All the work in the District Centre of NIC is being looked after by two Officers posted by NIC in each Distt. One is designated as District Informatics officer and other is District Informatics Associate.