Dynamic Integration of Property Registration and Land Records Administration

Haryana is one of very few states, where property Registration and the Land Records Administration work have been merged with a single department and a single Revenue officer ?designated as Tehsildar / Naib-Tehsildar? functions as Sub-Registrar while handling the work of property registration and he functions as CRO while handling the work of Land Records Administration. The workflow based Property Registration Information System (HARIS- Haryana Registration Information System) and Land Records Administration system (HALRIS-Haryana Land Records Information System) were standardized and stabilized in the initial phases of computerization. Thereafter, the Property Registration System and Land Records system were dynamically integrated in a workflow environment, under a single unified database, to facilitate on-line availability of Record-Of-Right (ROR) on Anytime, Anywhere basis with security & transparency.

With the rollout of HARIS (Property Registration) and HALRIS (Land Records) projects across Haryana, new challenges started emerging in delivery of service to the general public. One such issue is authentication and verification of ROR copies so that other agencies like financial institutions, builders and buyers can trust the computer generated RORs. This is necessary to check the frauds, which can be committed by tempering the hard copies of Nakals issued by the HALRIS centres or generation of duplicate RORs by scanning and modifying the original ones. The computer printed copies of RORs are issued with the seal and signatures of Patwari posted at the HALRIS Centre. There are amble chances that a person can temper the ROR before submitting it to the Bank or any other agency. Therefore, a need was felt to devise a security mechanism, by developing & implementing a verifiable two Dimensional Bar Coded ROR for Computer generated RORs. Solution developed has two main components first one is 2-D Bar Code generation modules and other is Bar Code verification module. Both these components use 2D Bar Code, XML and Hashing technology.

The HARIS & HALRIS are being implemented at all districts of Haryana. The successful implementation has resulted in greater transparency, ease of service delivery and increase in revenue collection. Revenue department provide following service related with Revenue Records 1. Property Registration, 2. Nakal of Revenue Records of Rights, 3. Mutation activity, 4. Deed writing through licensed Deed Writers.

This project provide following services:

  • Property Registration to General public at Tehsil and sub-tehsils level.
  • Nakal of Revenue Records (namely Nakal of Jamabandi (ROR), Mutation and Khasra Gridawari) of rural land to public at Tehsil and Sub-tehsils level.
  • Mutation related services to land owners at tehsil and sub-tehsil level.
  • Standard Deed Templates provided in the System, the Project is providing Computerized Deed Writing services
  • Integration of Property Registration and land Records providing online mutation service
  • Automatic Generation of new jamabandi
  • Availability of ROR on Internet

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